We welcome to companies and factories manufacturing medical products and dentistry who are willing to enter and penetrate Iranian market.



Using international standards and manufacturing of medical and dental equipment, we are ready to export to other countries.

Dandan Sepid Salamat Company have been launch a hospital and dental disposable product line. As well as the exclusive representative of Harir Iran Co. and Reza Rad company.

Iran Harir Glove Co

 In 1977 Harir Gloves manufacturing company was created as a privately held company with the goal of providing highly specialized industrial and household latex gloves. Shortly thereafter we established ourselves as industry leader not only in production and procurement facilities, but also in delivering top quality product.



Reza Rad Co

Reza Rad Company was founded in 1992 with the private sector investment and started its activities in the field of trade and import of goods. A year later, with the launch of the medical equipment line, in particular the disinfection of medical centers, it has entered the healthcare market and has since been active in controlling the infection.



Dandane Sepid Salamat Co

Dandane Sepid Salamat has been established in 2011 in the field of activities in order to import and export of medical and dental products. Dandane Sepid Salamat has been able to supply products to other countries, with the launch of a hospital and dentistry disposable product line from 2015 by now.